For discussing recording rates and availability at Tonal Park, please contact Mike Petillo at mike@tonalpark.com to discuss booking a session.  He will be able to help you put together a budget estimate for any project you have in mind.

MIXING:  Ideally I prefer to take roughly 4 hours to mix a song, especially if it’s a complex arrangement, we’re using all the analog outboard processing and doing full stems.  If we’re doing a simpler setup (a jazz quartet album with consistent instrumentation, for example) this time per song can go down.  I can also scale down mix time if the budget requires, but I generally don’t do flat rate mixing.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your budget requirements.

SCHEDULING:  I tend to book about 1-2 months in advance for bigger projects.  I generally have days open here and there, so if you do have a quick project please contact me as I’ll likely have an opening, and cancellations/schedule adjustments do happen that open up time unexpectedly.  I strongly prefer to schedule mixing time at the same time as recording, especially if you want to get into mixing within a couple weeks after tracking… if we wait to book mixing until tracking it could be a month or more before I’ll be able to schedule mix time.

Looking forward to discussing your project!