I work primarily out of my own dedicated production room in the facilities of Tonal Park in Takoma Park, Maryland. Along with the below list, I also have regular access to the gear listed here.

AML 2254
JLM Audio FC500 (FET, x2)
UREI 1178 (stereo)
UREI LA4 (x2)
Pendulum ES8 (tube, stereo)
Inward Connections “The Brute” (optical, x2)
TK audio BC1mk2 (VCA, stereo)

Avedis E27 (x2)
JLM PEQ500 (solid-state Pultec clones, x2)
ADM 1540 (2 inductor mid-bands, x2)
Overstayer Channel Amp (Pultec style with saturation, x2)
CAPI VC528 hipass/lopass filters and line amplifiers (x4)
Quantum QM-8A (two inductor EQs per channel, x8)

DAW platforms/digital:
Logic X 10.4.1
Protools 10
Izotope Ozone 8 Advanced and RX 6
Plugins by: Exponential Audio, ReLab, Soundtoys, Brainworx, PSP, LSR Audio, HOFA, Metric Halo, Flux, many others

Meyer HD-1
Focal Solo 6BE monitors
Neumann KH120
Audio Technica ATH-R70x open-back headphones
Focal Spirit Professinoal headphones
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones

Lynx Aurora 16
Mytek Stereo96 DA converters for monitoring
Mytek Stereo96 AD converter (and master clock)
Metric Halo 2882 +DSP (2d version) 18 channel AD/DA (x2)
Mytek 8×96 AD and DA (x2 of each, 16 channels total I/O)