I work primarily out of my own dedicated production room in the facilities of Airshow Mastering in Takoma Park Maryland. Along with the below list, I also have regular access to the gear listed here that lives in Studio A.

UREI 1176 LN (FET)
JLM Audio FC500 (FET, x2)
dbx 165 (VCA, reconditioned by John Klett w/ peakstop removed, x2)
Pendulum ES8 (tube, stereo)
Inward Connections “The Brute” (optical, x2)
TK audio BC1mk2 (VCA, stereo)

Avedis E27 (x2)
JLM PEQ500 (solid-state Pultec clones, x2)
ADM 1540 (2 inductor mid-bands, x2)
Maag EQ2 (x2)
Overstayer Channel Amp (Pultec style with saturation, x2)
Quantum QM-8A (two inductor EQs per channel, x8)

DAW platforms/digital:
Logic X 10.2
Protools 10
Sample Manager
Plugins by: Waves, Brainworx, Izotope, East/West, HOFA, Metric Halo, Flux, many others

Focal Solo 6BE monitors
Avantone Mix Cubes
Audio Technica ATH-R70x open-back headphones
Focal Spirit Professinoal headphones
Audio Technica ATH-M50 headphones

Mytek Stereo96 DA converters for monitoring
Mytek Stereo96 AD converter and master clock for printing mixes
Metric Halo 2882 +DSP (2d version) 18 channel AD/DA (x2)
Mytek 8×96 AD and DA (x2 of each, 16 channels total I/O)